Association des Anciens Combattants


The Association of French War Veteran of Washington, D.C., proud of its long history and its traditions, aims at:
– Honoring the memory of those who have given their lives for their country
– Remembering the great events of our history, often shared with our American friends
– Creating and maintaining close contact among its members, their families, friends, and comrades in the United States and in France.
– Strengthening the friendship between France and the United States
The Association represents the French veterans at national ceremonies such as Victory in Europe Day, D Day and Armistice Day; organizes lectures, exhibits, movie screenings, and social events such as dinners and picnics.
The Association is composed of active, associate and honorary members. The Executive Committee has approved the creation of a new category of members: “Friends of the French Veterans.”
All persons interested in keeping alive the spirit of our veterans, to demonstrate support for their sacrifice and courage, and to share their stories and activities in a friendly atmosphere.

President: Lucien Stervinou

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