Help us make a difference in the lives of the less privileged in our community

donation comite tricolore washinton dcWith one click you can give one time, or make a monthly pledge.
With your contribution, the Tricolore Committee will be able to extend its assistance and help a larger number of people in need. Please check below the impact your gift will have. If you have any questions, you can contact the Tricolore Committe at the following addresses: president@comite-tricolore.org or treasurer@comite-tricolore.org.

donation comite tricolore washinton dcIf you prefer to send a check, mail your donation to:
The Tricolore Committee
P.O. Box 27246
Washington, D.C. 20038

donation comite tricolore washinton dcFor cash or stocks donations please reach our Treasurer at (1) 571 271 5941.
We can work out the details with you.

For food or drinks, or to sponsor one of our events with an in kind donation,
please send an email to event@comite-tricolore.org

The “solidarity” subcommittee reviews each request presented to it. These requests may come from various sources: public, private, NGOs, based on a recommendation of the consular social services or directly from the individuals. The Committee determines the urgency and the most appropriate way to respond to the each situation.

The Tricolore Committee will assist people differently depending on the situation. Support may be given by purchasing glasses, wheelchairs, essential equipment; or in the form of financial assistance allowing the recipient to meet specific expenses such as buying food, paying heating bills, electricity, medical bills, or buying essential medicine.

Beneficiaries of this aid may be isolated and elderly people with insufficient income (battered woman who fled her home with her children; person diagnosed with degenerative disease with a teenager at charge), or families faced with difficult physical, moral and/or financial circumstances (family that has lost all sources of income).

The Tricolore Committee has intervened in many cases by giving a monthly allowance to recipients in order to enable them to meet the payments of their rents or their health care costs; another recipient received assistance in the form of home-delivered meals by volunteers of the Committee and through the generosity of a French restaurateur. Two ad hoc assistances were granted in the case of emergency situations. Francophone parishes in Washington DC, Catholic and Protestant, are also involved in the management and allocation of certain aid granted by the Tricolore Committee to benefit families in need.
Last year, assistance focused on some specific but essential needs: medical assistance, housing assistance, help in the resolution of funeral expenses, or academic assistance or training. Out of respect for individual privacy, the identities of the recipients remain anonymous but the moral and financial reports are available on request to the President of the Tricolore Committee or to its treasurer.

Your donation is important. It will be directed entirely, with no overhead costs, to support a person or family facing difficulties. 99.91% of the raised funds is used for our cause.
Your donation is, of course , deductible under US law.

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