For more than fifteen years, the Tricolore Committee has been at the core of a strong and supportive associative network in Washington, D.C ‘s francophone community. Solidarity, tolerance and cultural understanding are the guiding principles for the charitable action of the Comite Tricolore.

A group of associations

The Tricolore Committee (501-C 3) is the associative network of a strong and supportive Francophone community in the ​​Washington, DC area.
It is an apolitical, philanthropic non – profit, open to French, Francophone and Franco-American clubs or associations of the Washington, DC region which share a common interest in French culture and in the strengthening of the relationship between France and the United States.

Our History

The Tricolore Committee was founded in 1997 by a group of associations committed to the organization of annual activities and events, and to the dedication of the generated benefits to help disadvantaged people in the community.
Twenty-three associations are currently members of the Tricolore Committee.

Your support to our mission is very important. Your donation will be used entirely to improve the life of those in need in our community. The Tricolore Committee is run entirely by volunteers.

The Tricolore Committee P.O. Box 27246 WASHINGTON, DC 20038. Design: