Our Members

Honoring the memory and accomplishments of a prominent figure of the two major 18th century revolutions – American and French -, Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette.


Members of the francophone community of Washington, D.C., decided in April 1989 to start a philosophical club with the distinctive name of “Lafayette 89”. This club’s work is rooted in ideals of humanism, liberty, equality, fraternity and secularism.
The men and women in this club can only dream and be proud of what Lafayette did, but they tirelessly work, through regular reflection on a wide array of issues, on self-improvement as well as the enhancement of man and society.
Many Americans know Lafayette, the man George Washington considered his son, the young man who left behind his aristocratic privileges to participate in the American War of Independence. He fought on the ground for the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity, and pleaded the cause of the American Revolution at the Court of Versailles.
Lafayette 89 is vibrant fraternal club bringing together various cultural backgrounds, professional occupations and interests, for the advancement of the core values of “liberty, equality, and fraternity” and for a better society. We are rich of our diversity and commitment to work. New members are co-opted.

Our current representative on the “Comite Tricolore” is Michel Laudier.

Representative: Michel Laudier
Contact: mlaudier@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lafayette89GODF/