Solidarity Dinners

Celebrating Project "Solidarité France Covid 19"

Friday 26 March 2021 from 21:08 to 22:08

Give a hot meal to the less fortunate and back local restaurants.

La Casa-Friendship Place is a building in Columbia Heights, DC that accommodates 40 men who have been previously homeless and who are very vulnerable in terms of their physical or psychological health.

On site, a staff of some 10 people helps them manage their medical needs and improve their living conditions.

Each of them has a small individual studio and has to manage his own food budget. Their income is very limited or even non-existent. During the pandemic, residents find it more difficult to go to the supermarket to do their shopping. Friendship Place which is managing the center has created a pantry to compensate for the lack of resources, but no hot meals are ever served.

Our Project :

In partnership with the French Embassy, the Comité Tricolore is committed to :

  • Provide one hot meal per week (or to be reheated) to the residents and support staff of La Casa.
  • Help the restaurants and chefs of our region who are partners of the Comité Tricolore by purchasing meals for the residents of La Casa.
  • Do so by promoting the French values of friendship and solidarity through good, healthy meals.

Participating chefs/ restaurants :

Mai through June 2020:

  • la résidence de l’Ambassadeur de France – Chef Cyril Esneault (2X)
  • Unconventional Diner - Chef David Deshaies (2X)
  • Le Chat Noir - Chef Samuel Ziard
  • La Ferme - Chef Alain Roussel
  • Convivial - Chef Cedric Maupillier
  • La Côte d’Or - Chef Jacques Imperato
  • Bastille Restaurant - Chef Christophe Poteaux
  • Central Michel Richard - Chef David Deshaies

February through July 2021 :

  • Cuisine Solutions/ Résidence de France (Donation) - Chef Cyril Esneault
  • Cuisine Solutions (Donation of 2 X 55 meals) - Chef Gerard Bertholon
  • Del Ray Café- Chef Laurent janowsky
  • La Chaumiere - Chef Martin Lumet
  • La Piquette - Chef Cyril Brennac
  • Lebanese Taverna/WoodleyPark - Owner Gladys Abi-Najm
  • 2941 Restaurant - Chef Bertrand Chemel
  • Kofemi-Ivorian Food Truck (Donation) Chef Felicia Ruffino
  • Cuisine Solutions (Donation of 55 meals for July 2nd) - Chef Gerard Bertholon
  • Cuisine Solutions (Donation of 55 meals for July 14th) - Chef Gerard Bertholon

We have delivered 1155 good hot meals!

In addition, Patisserie Poupon and Fresh Baguette delivered desserts to Hospital patients and staff in the DC area.
Cote D’Or restaurant delivered meals to the National Children Hospital

All deliveries were done by volunteers of the Comité Tricolore and the French Consulate and Embassy.