Creative Thanksgiving recipe: Turkey au Vin

Saturday 6 November 2021 from 15:00 to 17:00

Anina Belle Giannini, author of Le Chef’s Wife blog, and her husband, an internationally renowned French Chef Sébastien Giannini, are back for another online cooking demo. This time, Anina Belle and Sébastien will show you how to be creative with your turkey in case you are tired of roasting an entire 20-pound bird every year. Join us to learn a very special recipe, turkey au vin!

This event will be in English including some French cooking terms, and will last for about 2 hours. The menu and the shopping list will be communicated in advance to all the participants. Anina Belle and Sébastien will be cooking in real time. You are welcome to follow them (and make it a trial meal before your actual Thanksgiving dinner), but you don’t’ have to! Join in with a glass of your preferred drink, watch and ask the chefs all your questions!