Discover Our Sister Cities

Thursday 5 May 2022 from 18:00 to 19:30

Join us to learn about each sister city—their unique culture, history, language, music, and arts from representative experts from each Arlington Sister City Association (ASCA) committee. Discover opportunities to travel abroad or represent Arlington to our guests, participate in exchanges, and attend cultural programs and events. Whether you are native to that county or city, speak the language, or just have curiosity about a new place, learn how to explore OUR sister cities.

Arlington, through ASCA, has been promoting Arlington through its work with Government, Economic Development, Arts/Culture, and Education since 1993. Arlington is proud to be part of Sister Cities International, first created at President Eisenhower’s 1956 White House summit on citizen diplomacy, where he envisioned a network that would be a champion for peace and prosperity by fostering bonds between people from different communities around the world.

Light refreshments will be served.

Attendees can register to be eligible for a free raffle for gift cards to local restaurants that serve cuisine local to our sister cities.


  • Michelle Shanahan, ASCA Board of Directors and Member of the Aachen Sister City Committee
  • Libby Schollaert, ASCA Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Chair of the Reims Sister City Committee
  • Ann Marie Daris, Member of the Reims Sister City Committee
  • Isabelle Montagu, Member of the Reims Sister City Committee
  • Brinton Rowdybush, Ph.D., ASCA Board of Directors and Member of the Reims Sister City Committee
    San Miguel
  • Greco Pineda, Member of the San Miguel Committee
  • Sophia Tailor, ASCA Board of Directors and Co-President of the Ivano-Frankivsk Committee

Where: Arlington Central Library, Barbara M. Donnellan Auditorium

Advance Registration Requested: