Happy Hour with The Lafayette Escadrille

Friday 5 June 2020 from 19:00 to 20:30

Join us for a dramatic and entertaining webinar featuring dashing WWI aviators and lion cubs—and learn how to make their signature cocktail!
The Lafayette Escadrille is a brand new documentary feature film by FACC Members Paul Glenshaw and Darroch Greer. It is one of the great stories of the French-American alliance, telling the story of the American volunteers who flew for France before the US entered WWI. They were known as The Lafayette Escadrille, and became the founding squadron of American combat aviation.
Before the film is released later this year, the filmmakers are pleased to share a 20-minute version of the film, made for the US WWI Centennial Commission.
Please enjoy the film on YouTube, and then join the filmmakers on April 23 at 5pm for behind-the-scenes glimpses into their four year production, in which they filmed over 40 locations in France, and worked closely with the French and American families of the pilots, finding troves of never-before-seen materials.