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The “Maison Française” at the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C., offers an environment that encourages friendly relations between states, promotes outreach and cultural events, and serves as a center for professional and educational activities.


Since its creation in 1985, the “Maison Française” has gained a reputation for exquisite hospitality and diverse program offerings. The facility is designed to accommodate a wide variety of activities, from business conferences to films, art exhibitions, receptions, and dinners.
The premises of the “Maison Française” offer 11,250 square feet of space, which includes a sky-lighted lobby, a 285-seat auditorium, an exhibition gallery, a patio, a bar area, and a landscaped terrace. This area can accommodate receptions for up to 1,500 guests, and sit-down dinners for 450. It also offers meeting rooms, ideally suited to seminars and business conferences.
La Maison Française also offers In-house catering, so that your guests may receive with fresh, quality ingredients and a superb level of culinary artistry.

The Maison Française is represented at The Tricolore Committee by Raphaèle Holley, Deputy Director of Events
Contact: raphaele.holley@diplomatie.gouv.fr