La Galette des Rois - Les Voeux 2023 - A French Celebration

Saturday 21 January 2023 from 18:00 to 21:00

Travel to French soil and celebrate with us two of the most important French traditions. No plane ticket required.

La Galette des Rois: in the U.S., food festivities start at Thanksgving and continue with Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and then it’s over. But it’s not over in France, where during the entire month of January and even a little beyond, families and friends gather, usually on several occasions, to celebrate the 700-year old tradition of Galette des Rois (The King’s Cake). The cake, traditionally topped with a golden paper crown, is a sweet and delicious puff pastry confection with almond-flavored frangipane filling. But the celebration is much more than that, as the person who will end up with la fève, a small porcelain charm hidden in one of the slices, becomes a "King/Queen for the Day". Be assured, there will be many kings and queens during our evening!
Les Voeux: Wishing "Meilleurs Voeux pour la Nouvelle Annee" (best wishes for the New Year) in France is not just something you do on January 1. French people do it the entire month, and it often becomes the pretext for more celebration and Champagne toasting.