Lafayette: a Symbol of Franco-American Friendship

Wednesday 21 April 2021 from 19:00 to 20:30

Alan Hoffman, President of the American Friends of Lafayette will explore the role Lafayette played as a symbol of Franco-American friendship both during his lifetime, principally from 1777 to 1792, and after his death during the two other eras of warmth between the two great republics – 1870 to 1950 – and 2007 to date.

This program will explore this initial period of Franco-American friendship, but focus on Lafayette’s posthumous symbolic role, including his role as the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty, as a facilitator of America’s entry into and participation in the Great War in 1917, and finally as the emblem of the current thaw in Franco-American relations.

AFL’s COO, Chuck Schwam explains the rich history of the American Fiends of Lafayette, their mission, their plans for Lafayette’s tour bicentennial in 2024/2025 and their vision for America250.