MOVIE - CONCERT - A new musical proposal of Buster Keaton’s masterpiece!

Tuesday 25 October 2022 from 19:30 to 21:30

Buster pursues the young girl he loves in an epic fresco that traverses three epochs: the Stone Age, Ancient Rome and Modern Times. OZMA, as a quartet for the occasion, accompanies the hero of the burlesque in this emotional and absurd journey using a repertoire of mischievous and surprising music. One of the most beautiful films of the man who never smiled...

OZMA, in quartet ensemble for this occasion, follows the burlesque hero in this emotional and insane journey using a new mischievous and surprising soundtrack. In the same way that pianists of the day accompanied the silent film, juxtoposing a catalog of emotion and atmosphere, OZMA narrates the image with an inventive music mixing colorful composition and simultaneusly playful and reactive improvisation.

Through surprising the audience, creating sequences, softening transitions, and playing with the rules of cinematic musical writing, OZMA offers a hilarious and original re-reading of the film, and presents it in a whole new light. The magic of reciprocal understanding, improvisation and imagination persists throughout this soundtrack that OZMA reinvents at each performance.