Solidarity Dinners

Solidarity Dinner at Claudio’s Table

Monday 30 October 2023 from 18:30 to 21:30

On October 30, we will get to try the brand new restaurant Claudio’s Table opened by Chef Claudio Pirollo, from Et Voilà! (Remember, we had a wonderful Solidarity Dinner at Et Voilà in Mai 2021!)

The restaurant will open on October 10th, but we have it reserved just for you on the 30th!

Claudio Pirollo grew up in Belgium where he soon discovered his passion for cooking as he wandered around his father’s fine Italian épicerie (grocery store) and watched his mother prepare dinner every day. The dual influence of Italy and Belgium triggered Chef Pirollo’s aspirations to develop his knowledge and experience with different flavors.

Details and Registration: