Our Members


Individual members don’t represent an association or organisation. They are individuals whose past and present involvement in the Comité Tricolore serves its mission and activities. Their number is limited to 50% of the number of organizational members.

Our individual members are:

  • Annie Boutin-King (Member of the Events Committee)
  • Kévin Brunet (Treasurer - bio in page "Our Team")
  • Eve Chauchard (President - bio in page "Our Team")
  • Jean-Philippe Krukowicz (Vice-President -Events - bio in page "Our Team")
  • Annie Seys (Board Member and former President - bio in page "Our Team")
  • Jacqueline Abrams (Events)
  • Roselyne Chang (Member of the Solidarity committee)
  • Hughes Cossard (Réseau des Métiers de Bouche) -Food Expression
  • Marie-Hélène Zavala (Member of the Board)

Conseillers des Français de l’Etranger -Elected counselors of French people living outside France

The four "Conseillers des Français de l’étranger" are non voting members of the Comité Tricolore. Their names and contact addresses are on the Consulate web site: